The Tahltan/Procon Joint Venture excavated over 6,900 m (440,000 m3) of tunnels at the Forrest Kerr Hydroelectric Project, including three access tunnels, 65,000 m3 underground powerhouse, one bus shaft raise, nine draft tubes, nine penstock tunnels, nine gate slot raises, intake manifold, tailrace manifold and tunnel, and over 3,000 m of 9.6 mW x 9.8 mH power tunnel. Development sizes ranged from 5.3 m wide by 6.0 m high; to 17 m wide by 30 m high.

Client: AltaGas/Coast Mountain Hydro

Commodity: Renewable Energy

Location: Central British Columbia, Canada

Scope: Drill and Blast Tunnelling and Mass Excavation

Date: 2011 – 2016