Indigenous partnerships

Partnering with Indigenous communities is key to Procon’s continued success. We invest in indigenous partnership solutions that offer mutually beneficial outcomes through economic benefits and capacity building. Moving beyond compliance, we truly value the experience and knowledge brought to our Indigenous partnerships by community leaders and knowledge keepers.

Progressive Relations

Procon measures its efforts through the Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) program, which focuses on best practices in Indigenous Relations. The PAR process allows us to reflect on our strengths and identify areas for improvement.

Meaningful Careers

Procon hires Indigenous employees who qualify for available positions or who are willing to meet the qualifications through job-specific training and mentoring. Once onboard, we commit to retaining these employees and advancing their careers.

Localizing Procurement

We search for opportunities to increase Indigenous business representation within our supply chain. Procon supports Indigenous contractors and suppliers through exploration of new business ventures and opportunities.

Indigenous Partnerships

Procon is a minority partner in several formal partnerships with Indigenous-owned businesses, combining our technical expertise with local knowledge and experience. We strive to understand each other’s motivations, strengths, and limitations and conduct business respectfully.


We believe in behaving ethically, minimizing the environmental impacts of our mining services, and empowering the communities where we operate.

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Health and Safety

Health and safety are our primary values as an organization. Everything that we do is built on this foundation.

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