Tunnelling and Mass Excavation

Procon’s tunnelling capabilities are expansive, focusing on site establishment, drill and blast tunnelling, mass excavation as well as soft rock drift cutting.

Site Establishment

Procon is an expert at establishing tunnel construction projects in logistically and environmentally sensitive areas that are often close to protected environments and natural watercourses. We know how to design, build and operate from compact site setups to minimize the surface disturbance in these areas.

Drill and Blast Tunnelling

Procon has completed over 8,000m of drill and blast civil tunnelling construction primarily for hydroelectric projects in British Columbia, Canada. Tunnel sizes range from 3.0 mW by 3.0 mH to 9.6 mW by 9.8 mH. Key projects include the Forrest Kerr Hydro Project, McLymont Hydro Project and Tyson Creek Hydro Project.

Mass Excavation

Procon is adept in bulk excavation techniques for underground ore handling and conveyance systems, including mass excavation of crushing chambers, conveyor accesses, powerhouses and civil infrastructure.

Soft Rock Drift Cutting

Procon has successfully carried out AM50 Alpine Miner and Drum Miner drift cutting in the Saskatchewan underground potash industry for over 20 years.