Mining Project Support Services

ProconSAFE provides project support services, including the technical administration and implementation of systems, processes and policies related to Health and Safety work practices.

Risk Management

Procon leadership supports project management and is committed to ensuring everyone returns home safely each and every day. To that end, ProconSAFE ensures all personnel are trained to identify, assess, and manage risks. Project leadership embeds this structured process into the workplace to drive decision making and achieve project objectives.

Safe Work Procedures

ProconSAFE supports our projects by developing and implementing effective and consistently applied systems, including standards, processes, and operating procedures that are critical to safe work practices in mining. ProconSAFE strives to maintain industry best practices that meet or exceed regulatory requirements while addressing other considerations such as environmental and human factors.

Incident Management and Investigation

Procon has a robust incident investigation and management system on all projects. ProconSAFE . This includes a process for reporting, investigating, analyzing and documenting incidents – including near misses. Root causes and contributory factors are identified and mitigated. Learnings are communicated both internally and externally.

Emergency Response and Preparedness

In the event of an incident, effective emergency response and preparedness are necessary to protect the public, the environment, employees, and clients. Procon tailors its emergency response and preparedness plans for each project, including identification of potential incident types, implementation of an incident command system, and effective training drills and exercises.