Mine Production and Management

Procon’s Mine Production and Management experience, across an array of mining methods, ensures that we meet or exceed our client’s production schedules.

Versatility in Mining Methods

Procon is experienced in mine production requirements for a range of bulk and narrow-vein methods, including Cut-and-Fill, Avoca and Transverse Stoping, Caving, Shrinkage, and Room and Pillar. Our teams are also experienced in the installation and operation of backfill systems, including Loose Fill, CRF and Paste Fill.

Strong Drill and Blast Capacity

Procon’s state-of-the-art production drill fleet and skilled operators ensure efficient and accurate mine production drilling for small and large blast hole diameters. We pair this with the use of bulk emulsion and ANFO systems to optimize blast fragmentation and the use of perimeter control to minimize overbreak. We also carry a range of ITH drills for larger diameter slot raise and box hole drilling purposes.

Efficient Material Movement

Procon leverages equipment economies of scale to drive down mine production costs for our clients in bulk tonnage environments. In smaller, narrow vein operations, we have a track record of being agile and nimble regarding the equipment selection and mining methods employed to deliver a safe, cost-effective and reliable service. We also embrace automation to deliver lower unit costs for our clients.