Mine Development and Operation

Procon’s mine development and operation capabilities include proficiency in site establishment, underground infrastructure, and ramp and lateral development in challenging locations.

Remote Mobilizations

Since 1992, Procon has developed in-house mine development and production systems to rapidly and cost-effectively mobilize people, materials and equipment to logistically challenging locations. Seasoned in barge, helicopter, winter-road, or light aircraft mobilizations, we are adept in dealing with the unique challenges these environments present. Whether it’s Greenland, The Kyrgyz Republic or the Arctic, we set up, supply and operate remote sites with confidence and efficiency.

Site Establishment Know-How

A good site setup requires careful planning and execution. Procon has built a loyal and dedicated mine development team experienced in efficiently setting up site infrastructure for both greenfield and brownfield projects. Our integrated supply chain and long-term supplier relationships help us meet tight project timelines and quickly establish access to the orebody.

Underground Mine Infrastructure

A successful underground project requires well thought-out and robust infrastructure. Procon is experienced in designing, supplying and installing the necessary infrastructure for these environments, including primary and secondary ventilation, heating, process water, dewatering systems, mine power and other mine services.

Ramp and Lateral Development

Procon is a leader in hard-rock lateral drill and blast development. We optimize development fleet combinations to improve productivity, reduce costs and save time. We are experienced in a range of ground support options, from split sets to swellex bolts, cable bolts, and mesh to dry/wet shotcrete application. We work collaboratively with our clients to optimize the ground support regime.