Mining Safety Consulting Services

ProconSAFE offers a wide range of Mining and Construction safety consulting services to help its clients develop practical Health and Safety solutions.

Six Safety Strategies

W inning hearts & minds of employees.
E levation of safety as strategically significant,
C ompetence in risk management
A nalysis of processes and system effectiveness
R esilience of systems
E xploration of new ideas and innovation in the design of safety systems

Safety Management Systems

A Strategic Safety Management System significantly improves workplace Health and Safety. ProconSAFE’s mining and construction safety consulting services develop and implement integrated management systems through a consolidated approach to risk management.

Safety Audit

ProconSAFE provides workplace safety auditing and gap analysis services that cover a range of assessments designed to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement. We review and evaluate existing documentation and management approaches and practices to determine compliance and performance in accordance with legislative and industry best practices.

Safety Training

Safety training is an investment that prevents incidents from occurring. Training at all levels of the organization ensures each person is aware of their responsibilities and can perform their tasks safely. ProconSAFE’s Mining and Construction Safety Consulting Services are used to deliver effective, compliant and functional workplace training solutions.